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Meet the Nailalchemy team

Nailalchemy, which is a premium nail salon, quality training for nail professionals, a cool webshop and the exclusive distributor of HELLO. Gel in Belgium under one roof! But above all they are also three passionate nail specialists with - let's be honest - a little corner off... meet Debbie, Zina and Sofie!

This is Debbie

Together with Zina, I am the proud CEO (can we call ourselves that now? We thought so) of Nailalchemy.

Miss positivo, that would be a good nickname for me. I always see the positive in everything (or at least I try to) and enjoy taking our clients into my positive vibes!

A creative mind with an addiction for perfection, entrepreneurship and all the beautiful things life has to offer! Go live it up!

Fun facts about me:
It takes more sliding pins than you think to keep my hair under control during work, I'm the record holder for the most number of parking tickets and owner of a deranged Fiat500 with an identity crisis

This is Zina

Along with Debbie, I am the proud CEO (yes Debbie, we are CEOs) of Nailalchemy!

Little miss perfectionist, is a nickname that could be right up my alley. When a treatment is already perfectly done I still try to improve and level myself up!

Fun facts about me:
Proud furr-mommy of Beau (extremely stubborn naked kitten) and Brownie (hyperkinetic pomeranian with high diva level). A Formula 1 pilot is all but lost on me as well, and unfortunately I didn't line up at the front of the line for parking skills either.

This is Sofie

The right hand of Debbie and Zina and indispensable team member of Nailalchemy.

Miss super tender, that would be a good nickname for me. I am tranquility itself and I like to radiate that to my clients. Debbie and Zina consider me one of the gentlest persons in the world, and honestly, I can definitely find myself in that!

Fun facts about me:
My floofball, Coco, is my baby. She is a white mega fluffy ragdoll and I can talk about her for hours (just ask, I love to start). Also, I am a proud true Dutchman, if you want to know the best price for something I will gladly help you search! By the way, I am also the one who sings along with all the songs here in the salon, feel free to sing with me!