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Exclusive distributor of Hello. Gel in Belgium

HELLO. is created for people who in all their decisions are guided by a sense of beauty. For those who are vital to work with a harmonious product.

HELLO. is a wonderful brand that takes the work of nail technicians to a completely new level. The products not only have an aesthetic look, but also work very pleasantly and ergonomically with maximum respect for the health of nail professionals and their clients.

Therefore, we are extremely pleased to have HELLO. Gel as exclusive distributor in the BENELUX. These nail products are directly imported by us from Ukraine and packed and shipped for you with lots of love (we make it a real party!).

HELLO. is a brand that deserves your full attention if:

  • You are a perfectionist
  • Safe materials are important to you
  • You pay attention to choosing the right color palette
  • You run a premium quality salon

HELLO. uses only premium quality raw materials, both for its products and their packaging materials.

Thanks to their unique design, the products of HELLO. enjoy a minimalist and high-quality appearance

Unique visual concept: the color of the bottle matches the color of the contents.

HELLO. has gathered the most popular shades into ingenious capsule collections.

HELLO. Gel is created by a professional for professionals. (NAILSMADE, by Viktoria Dutchak)

HELLO. products are certified, comply with European quality standards and are free of animal testing.


New premium material made by a professional for professionals. HELLO. Gel is certified, meets European quality standards and is animal-free.


Ergonomic bottle shape, soft touch, easy color navigation.


The cap of HELLO. fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the perfect combination of width and length. The matte finish also provides an anti-slip effect.


The length and density of the brush are matched to the consistency of the product. The clear cut of the brush allows you to draw an even contour close to the cuticle. The transparent brush does not disturb the shade of the product.